Frequently Asked Questions2019-01-10T16:29:12-06:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Jewelry Handmade?2019-01-10T16:32:48-06:00

Yes, I create each piece of jewelry by hand using different materials that I love to work with including Dichroic Glass, Copper, Silverware and many other mediums.

Do You Take Custom Orders?2019-01-10T16:30:48-06:00

Yes, I do. If you see something you like or have a picture of a piece of jewelry that you like the style of, I can create a custom piece just for you!

What Is Dichroic Glass?2019-01-10T16:28:47-06:00

The word “Dichroic” put simply means two colored. In terms of glass, it means that a beam of light that is transmitted through the glass is one color and a completely different color when it is reflected. This is accomplished by crystalizing metal oxides in a very thin layer on one side of a sheet of glass. This creates a light filter that transmits certain wavelengths of light while at the same time reflecting other wavelengths of light.


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