Handmade Dichroic & Fused Glass Jewelry

Designed By Fran In Montana

What Is Dichroic Glass?

The word “Dichroic” put simply means two colored. In terms of glass it means that a beam of light that is transmitted through the glass is one color and a completely different color when it is reflected. This is accomplished by crystalizing metal oxides in a very thin layer on one side of a sheet of glass. This creates a light filter that transmits certain wavelengths of light while at the same time reflecting other wavelengths of light.

Dichroic glass is made with multiple thin layers of metal oxides that are vaporized by an electron beam in a vacuum chamber. These thin layers are essentially sealed on one by one to the face of a sheet of glass in a specific order and thickness which results in different colors of glass. Although it is called dichroic glass, meaning two colors, it often creates a wide range of colors that shift depending on the angle that the glass is viewed at.

frans fused glass class

Fran teaching one of her students in a fused glass class that she regularly offers in Mesa, AZ.

About The Artist

Fran is a native of Idaho Falls, Idaho but now spends her winters in sunny Arizona with her husband. She has always had a love for arts and crafts but her latest passion is fusing dichroic glass.

After taking classes in California in 2008 with her son she went home, purchased a kiln, ordered glass and knew immediately it was love at first try. She loves to create jewelry, plates, night lights, wine-stoppers and anything else she can incorporate with her glass. She has currently been working with copper and glass to create some very unique pieces.